About Us

OK - so we get it. There's already a lot of coffee out there - does the world really need another coffee company?" Here's why we think that there might just be room for one more...

"One rainy day, I was sitting drinking a delicious cup of coffee, pondering the fact that most coffee nowadays claims to be fairly traded, ethically sourced and so on. Which is great, and a far cry from the bad old days when coffee farmers were routinely underpaid by large corporations. There's something very gratifying to see a commodity like coffee blossoming into something that is becoming known for helping people make a living. Then I started thinking... what if coffee could help people closer to home as well?"


We're not a charity that sells coffee, but we are a coffee company that wants to give back. Yes, our focus is on selling delicious, ethically sourced, fairly traded premium-quality coffee, but we want to go beyond that. That's why a founding principle of the Reson8 Coffee Company is that a significant percentage of our profits will be given back to worthy causes in the UK.

So how will this work? As we get established, we will periodically identify organisations whose mission or goals resonate with us. Then, we will also periodically review our accounts and allocate a percentage of the profits to our chosen organisation. Just to be clear - by 'profit' we mean the money that's left after we pay our running costs (not after we book our holidays to the Caribbean), and by 'percentage' we mean a non-trivial amount that is more than just a cynical gesture or marketing ploy. And, we'll tell you exactly what we're doing!

As you might guess, this is going to be a bit of an adventure! We don't know how this is going to develop, but we'd love you to come along for the ride. As we become established over the coming months and years, we want you to have your say too. We're going to find a way to enable you to tell us who we should be supporting with the coffee you buy.

So apart from great coffee, what great causes resonate with you? Maybe you're a volunteer, or you know of an organisation that does great work in our community. If that's the case, then we want to know about it.

In the meantime, why not sit back, relax and enjoy the coffee you can believe in!

Coffee you can believe in.